The Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) fire assessment prioritizes wildfire mitigation efforts on the home structure first, working outwards into the immediate landscaped area and gardens of your property. For instance, Zone 1, the first of three zones emphasize fireproofing and risk reduction for one’s home and the first 5 feet out from the home foundation, so, it is void of any combustible or flammable material. Scientifically proven building materials science and brush mitigation practices are combined, tailored to those areas of vulnerability that focus on the reduction of specific types of wildfire risk on a homeowner’s property structures and landscape. Risk assessment is appropriately undertaken using a HIZ fire assessment to increase fire safety.

Wildfire – Insurance discounts

Within the home ignition zone the defensible space area extends to 100 ft or more from the house structure where fire mitigation requirements are undertaken on brush vegetation. Wildfire protection also occurs on one’s home by implementing recommendations given in the HIZ assessment surveyed on and around a homeowner’s house and landscape property. These recommendations are very important fire mitigation efforts because most homes are damaged or destroyed by fire embers (firebrands) landing on or close to the house igniting either the home’s building materials or vegetation close to home. The HIZ assessment, a set of practical recommendations implemented by a homeowner, home contractor, handyman or gardener-landscaper to increase fire safety. The HIZ fire assessment can reduce the risk of wildfire impacts when mitigation recommendations are undertaken before a wildfire. Wildfire preparedness and fire safety are increased, and insurance discounts can be attained as part of a homeowner’s wildfire insurance. Wildfire mitigation specialists certified with specific training experience are qualified to undertake this fire assessment accredited by the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.).