About Wildfire Mitigation Services

Wildfire Mitigation Services LLC is an experienced Wildfire Mitigation Specialist accredited by the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A). Wildfire Mitigation Specialists are trained and certified with real world experience working in the Wildland-Urban-Interface (WUI) areas of San Diego County and nationally. This experience enables the undertaking of an effective Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment for residential properties in the Wildland-Urban-Interface area. A professionally qualified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist will review your home property for specific risk factors on your home’s vulnerability to the threat of wildfire and help reduce the risk of impacts to your home.

The Wildland-Urban-Interface are those areas where residential and other types of property are at risk to the devastating impacts occurring from wildland-urban-interface fires. The Wildfire Mitigation Specialist utilizes a Home Ignition Zone Assessment to help you decrease the risk of fire transmission to your home-property from the effects of wildfire. This service assessment also includes an assessment of your property’s Defensible Space requirements. It is essential your home and the homes in your neighborhood are also protected better with adequate defensible space. A Home Ignition Zone Assessment can reduce your risk to wildfire by properly evaluating your home and landscape to wildfire threat. Wildland-Urban-Interface disasters can occur when home to home fire transmission happens due to the negative effects occurring from a wildfire.

“More recently, the home destruction problem related to wildfires became nationally recognized in 1985 and has become known as the wildland-urban interface (WUI) fire problem” (Cohen, 2008).

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