Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment

The Home Ignition Zone Assessment is a scientifically proven set of assessment and mitigation recommendations that when properly implemented reduces the risk of damaging effects from wildfire impacts to your home and property. It focuses on key areas of home-hardening and necessary landscape measures of Defensible Space across your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ), which is important to effectively reduce risk from the negative impacts of a wildfire.

Defensible space

An assessment of your Defensible Space is also included with a Home Ignition Zone Assessment.

“Creating and maintaining defensible space is essential for increasing your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire. It’s the buffer that homeowners are required to create on their property between a structure and the plants, brush and trees or other items surrounding the structure that could catch fire. This space is needed to slow the spread of wildfire and improves the safety of firefighters defending your home”
(CALFIRE, 2020).

Wildfire Preparedness

Being prepared in advance of a wildfire is achievable and essential to protect against loss or damage of home from wildfire. A Home Ignition Zone Assessment helps you to prepare your home in advance of a wildfire and can protect against wildfire impacts to your home-property.

Undertaking this assessment of your Home Ignition Zone and implementing Defensible Space is proven methods of reducing the risk that your home and property has to the damaging effects of wildfire.

“Research shows that a home’s ignition potential during extreme wildfires is determined by the characteristics of its exterior materials and design and their response to burning objects within one hundred feet (30 meters) and firebrands (burning embers). This area of a home and its immediate surroundings is called the home ignition zone.” (Cohen, 2008)

When authorities tell you to evacuate because of the threat of wildfire you can feel increased reassurance that you have undertaken what is required to harden your home-property and improved the chances of your home surviving wildfire impacts. Although a complete guarantee cannot be given, a Home Ignition Zone Assessment can make your property more safe as you implement effectively the recommendations outlined in your own personalized Home Ignition Zone Assessment, well in advance, of a wildfire event.

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