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Wildfire Mitigation Services LLC provides recommendations for taking proactive steps to protect your home-property from the threat of wildfire. These recommendations focus on specific – key areas of defense to show where you can effectively harden your home and property against wildfire.

Protect your Home Ignition Zone from the threat of Wildfire.

What is your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ)? – It’s the three area zones on your home property, which include the: Immediate Zone that is 0 to 5 feet around the home, the Intermediate Zone that is 5 to 30 feet and the Extended Zone that is the 30 to 100 feet zone or potentially further. Limiting the amount of flammable vegetation, choosing fire-resistant building materials and construction techniques, and periodically maintaining the areas within the Home Ignition Zone all help to increase the chances your home can survive a wildfire when exposed to embers and/or a surface fire.

Preparing your home against the threat of wildfire involves looking at both vegetation management and fire resistive construction. Furthermore, wildfire preparedness at the community level, also, requires that you are prepared in terms of emergency responder access, a disaster plan, and an annual insurance checkup.

(Firewise USA, 2020).

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What we can do for you and your family home – these areas will be assessed during your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment :

Assessment of Immediate, Intermediate, and Extended Zones

House and outbuildings assessment (Structure Assessment) positioned in relationship
to severe fire behavior

Examination of potential for home structure ignition;

Assessment from chimney to eaves

Assessment from eaves to foundation

Assessment of landscape in relationship to severe fire behavior

A complete review of the areas relative to your home’s ignition zone

SAVE COSTS and REDUCE YOUR WILDFIRE RISK with a HOME IGNITION ZONE (HIZ) ASSESSMENT. By using this assessment as a PERSONALIZED GUIDE for your HOME’S PROTECTION by giving it to either a GENERAL CONTRACTOR OR HOMEBUILDER and/or LANDSCAPE-GARDENER when professional work is undertaken around your HOME-PROPERTY.

Protect your home from ignition during a wildfire and make your property a safe place to work for fire-fighters to protect, in event, your home requires their attention during the next wildfire situation.

A Wildfire Mitigation Services Package consists of :

An on-site assessment of your property’s Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) by an accredited Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.

An electronic/digital copy of your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment with personalized Mitigation Recommendations (A paper copy of your Home Ignition Zone Assessment report is also available during the Covid-19 pandemic and can be mailed to your residential address if desired).

Please email your inquiry for a Home Ignition Zone Assessment on the ‘Contact Us’ webpage or call 760-505-1498 to ask any other questions you may have about a HIZ Assessment for your home-property.