Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after the on-site service is undertaken do I receive my Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment?

An electronic/digital copy of your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment with Mitigation Recommendations is received within 5-7 business days after the completion of your on-site, residential Home Ignition Zone assessment service.

How long does it take to do a Home Ignition Zone Assessment of my property and landscape?

On-site HIZ service of your property-landscape by a qualified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist is scheduled for 1.5 hours, in addition to, a 30 minute walk around your property and landscape to discuss key aspects of your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment (Appointment is approximately 2 hours in total). Furthermore, your Wildfire Mitigation Specialist will do a desk-study review of the on-site assessment information back in the office, in order to, complete fully a set of personalized mitigation recommendations appropriate to your home’s Home Ignition Zone.

How much does the Home Ignition Zone Assessment cost?

A Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment costs $375, this includes an on-site HIZ Assessment, an electronic/digital copy of your assessment with personalized mitigation recommendations against wildfire threat and a mailed paper copy of HIZ Assessment if desired. The paper copy option can be chosen by ticking the box that states this during the booking process.

Is my property made safer if other homes in my neighborhood undertake a Home Ignition Zone Assessment?

Yes, more effective home-hardening that occurs in your neighborhood can lead to a safer neighborhood from the threat of wildfire events in your community area. In addition, if neighborhoods work together, for example, by becoming a Firewise Community, this will also help to reduce the risks further of a wildfire  negatively impacting, both, homes individually and as a community. This is because people will not only know what is required to be undertaken to protect their own homes, but as a community and working with their local fire authorities will also be able to mitigate other areas in and around their neighborhood that may need attention and regular maintenance over time. One of the best places to start this process is to reduce the risk of wildfire impacts to your own home.

Topics covered during assessment?

Immediate, Intermediate, and Extended Zones

House and outbuildings assessment (Structure Assessment) positioned in relationship
to severe fire behavior

Examination of potential for home structure ignition;

Assessment from chimney to eaves

Assessment from eaves to foundation

Assessment of landscape in relationship to severe fire behavior

A complete review of the areas relative to your home’s ignition zone

Please email your request for a Home Ignition Zone Assessment on the ‘Contact Us’ webpage or call 760-505-1498 to ask any other questions you may have about a HIZ Assessment for your home-property, and before the threat of a wildfire in your area.