The price of a Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) assessment is $295.

A HIZ assessment consists of:

  • On-site assessment of your property’s Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) by an accredited Wildfire Mitigation Specialist. This assessment also includes an assessment of your property’s defensible space area. The assessment is normally 1 hour but may be longer. It includes a 30 minute walk-around of your property’s HIZ to look at and review key aspects of your assessment (Overall, the HIZ assessment is approximately 1.5 hours)*.
  • An electronic/digital copy of your Home Ignition Zone assessment with personalized Mitigation Recommendations is sent to you in digital format within 24 – 48 hours.

Please email your request for a Home Ignition Zone Assessment on the ‘Contact Us’ webpage, or call 760-505-1498 to ask any questions you have about a HIZ Assessment for your home-property.

* The last 30 minutes are used to look at key areas of your Home Ignition Zone assessment with the Wildfire Mitigation Specialist – Paul Keane. This is a  worthwhile part of your Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) assessment, and the digital copy of your Home Ignition Zone assessment/Mitigation Recommendations will, also, contain all those areas covered on the day of assessment.

A follow-up call can also be arranged to talk with me about your Home Ignition Zone assessment. This option is available after you have had the time to read through your HIZ Assessment. Your on-site Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment service appointment is approximately 1.5 hours in duration.